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Think-Branding IMC

Think-Branding Integrated Marketing Communication Co.Ltd (“Think branding IMC”) was founded in 2005, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the spearhead group. The general manager is Mr. Richard Li, who is the Spearhead group's director、senior vice president.


Think branding IMC is the most competitive and influential marketing service company in China.


Innovation and highly effective execution has always been our service tenet. Through online and offline marketing experience activities to help clients enhance brand image, improve product sales, increase input and output of market activity. In order to help clients to brand positioning, expand market and create value, we are dedicate to create an accurate market platform, which is based on data base and internet core technology.


Based on clients' marketing content, and take customers' demand and brand appeal as the purpose of strategy creativity, we provide a full range of one-stop service and a consistent unique experience, which from marketing strategy, creativity planning to executive management.


The company is headquartered in Beijing. We have set up 42 Rep offices in China. Our company main business: Brand integrated marketing planning service, Terminal marketing planning service, Terminal activity marketing executive service, conference and Exhibition Services and HR outsourcing service. Our main clients are from the world's top 500 enterprises and well-known companies both China and overseas.

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Add: 5F Block A, Taihe Cultural Building, Chenjialin No.1, Balizhuang Village, Gaobeidian county, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100089, China, 

Tel: +86 (10) 5803 9001/ 58039007

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D&S Consulting

Founded in 1996, D&S Media Group is one of the earliest and largest professional communication groups in China. With headquarter based in Beijing, D&S Media Group also has seven offices in seven cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Wuhan. D&S Media Group has over 850 staff who are proficient in public relations, Ads, event or digital marketing. In 2014, D&S Media Group became a holding subsidiary of Spearhead Group.

With 21 years' practice in communications in China market , D&S Media Group has accumulated abundant experience and established sound reputation in main industries including but not limited automobile, Internet, telecom, 3C, finance, FMCG, healthcare and IT. Since 2001, D&S has been ranking in the TOP 5 local PR agency for past over 16 years. Known as ‘Huangpu Military Academy' of China PR industry, D&S is one of the leading companies in the field of brand strategic consulting, public relations, digital marketing, event marketing, media management and crisis management. 

Facing the rapid change of communication environment, D&S Media Group has always stuck to its core brand positioning, "Brand Architect in Digital Age". D&S helps clients to achieve their brand and business goals by communicating customers through social media and establishing two-way communications by creative content in various forms. D&S can provide not only the integrated strategy and efficient implementation for large-scale marketing campaigns for clients, but also the customized communication projects according to the specific needs of clients in specific branding or marketing objectives.

In the future, D&S Media Group will leverage clients' brand value and help them to achieve sustained growth and long-term development of business by creative thinking, advanced communication technology and efficient implementing based on the system of "Big Data +Great Content" of Spearhead Group.

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Beijing-based D&S Group Headquarters

Add:Building C7, Dongyi International Media Industrial Park, No.8 Gaojing Cultural Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100123, China
Tel:+86(10)8574 5399
Fax:+86(10)6566 5959


Add:19F, East Building, East Ocean Centre, No.588 Yan'an East Road, Shanghai 200001, China


Add:#1713, Dongbao Mansion, No.767 Dongfeng East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510600, China
Tel:+86(20)3835 0558/0559
Fax:+86(20)3835 0169


Add: #2404, Unit 1, Guojiahuating, Jinli East Road No.5, Chengdu 610015, China
Tel: +86(28)8698 5002/003/005/008
Fax: +86(28)8698 5002—210


Add: Room 18, 32F, Century Emperor South Tower, Yanghe One Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, 400010, China.

Tel: 023-88518305


Add: Room 16, 8F, Huarun Mansion, 1366 Zhujiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, 310020, China


Add: Room 01&02, 5F, New Times Business Center, 456 Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, 430064, China

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Allyes Group

Allyes Group has been established for 20 years since 1998. In 2000, Allyes Group won the investment by IDGVC Partners, an internationally renowned venture investor. In the following five years, Allyes Group has been developing at a high growth rate of over 100%. At present, its branches have been established in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Boasting a senior network marketing planning and service team, Allyes Group has been committed to providing customers with all-course digital integrated marketing solutions based on users' touching points. With deep insights into digital users, accurate grasp of digital media and full application of digital advertising technology, Allyes Group will provide its customers with a full range of services covering digital marketing, effect marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital interactive platform construction, E-commerce solutions and digital terminal channel solutions in the areas of Internet and mobile Internet. 

Allyes Group provides its customers with full range of digital integrated marketing solutions based on users' touching points, which takes the advertisers' needs of all-dimensional and full-coverage marketing as the orientation, utilizes the integrated system solutions (which adopts the data and marketing resources from the third-party advertising technology providers and makes optimization and output of them according to Allyes standards), provides the advertisers with the optimized services integrating marketing channels from advertisement planning, media purchase, after-sale analysis, search marketing, content marketing, social marketing, creative services, platform construction to precision advertising, and ultimately achieves the improvement of life cycle value of the consumers and the enhancement of customer loyalty. As a time-honored local Internet advertising agency with high popularity, Allyes Group has been focused on Internet advertising and timely adjustment of its contents and mode of services in accordance with the development of Internet advertising. Allyes Advertising has been established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 190 well-known brand advertisers at home and abroad, and it enjoys a large number of good-quality VIP customers with service period over three years. The annual revenue of Alleys' top 20 customers is basically above 10 million Yuan. The customers that Alleys has served are from multiple areas of automobile, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), maternal and infant products, E-commerce, finance and medical care products.

The most important asset of a digital marketing company is its pool of professional talents. Team composition, staff quality and professional ethics are the key factors for the sustainable development of digital marketing companies. Allyes has developed its talent incentive mechanism and cultivated a team of senior experts with rich experience in digital marketing. The senior key personnel above middle level have served for the Group for more than 5 years on average, and the professionalism and loyalty of the management team has endowed Allyes Group with obvious competitive edges.  

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Shanghai-based Alleys Group Headquarters

Add: F21, Longemont Shopping Mall, No.1018, Changning Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86(21)6263 0808



Add: #301, Building 1,  C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Tel: +86(10)8417 1888



Add: 1201-04, Building 4, Zhuoyue Meilin Central Plaza, Shanghai Linzhongkang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen? City, Guangdong Province, China

Tel: +86(755)2399 6800

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Shanghai Perfun Entertainment

Shanghai Perfun Entertainment Co., Ltd. aims to become the most professional PR company in the performance and entertainment industry. The company integrates resources of domestic and international artist agencies with the most popular artists and performances. Through real-time industry-leading data center, the company will help the clients understand the latest development and dynamics in performance industry. Annually, more than a hundred of performances and project cooperation of Yongle Group gives Perfun Entertainment advantages to establish good cooperative relationships with all types of domestic venues.


The core members of the team are with international education background in the field of marketing and management. Master degree accounts for more than 40%. We have, not only, planned for international brands, implemented of hundreds of marketing events and activities, but also planned and executed concerts with more than 10000 audiences each for top artists. We understand the industry and with more understanding of the crowd. Our team members serve the top international brands, which are composed of brand experts, excellent designers, talented creative planners and reliable executive staffs.


We provide entertainment marketing services for brands including planning and implementing customized concerts, live shows or other activities of stars, promoting and marketing for performances and entertaining events and entertainment marketing planning and design as well as the implementation of countrywide activities.

Tel: +86(10)5803 9000

Add:39B, Image Base Beijing, No.3, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100124


Adview was founded in 2010, it is the leader in China mobile advertising industry, the first big data technology service based on the mobile advertising cloud service platform, as well as global leading independent third party mobile advertising trading platform. Advertising industry, the first big data technology service based on the mobile advertising cloud service platform, as well as global leading independent third party mobile advertising trading platform.


AdView——The largest mobile advertising trading platform in China

AdView is the third-party ad exchange founded by Beijing Kuaiyou Century Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010 with China mobile internet advertising industry; rising these years. It mainly provides a full-range and high-efficiency supplying and buying of mobile ad traffic for many domestic mobile application publishers, mobile ad network, and mobile SSP and DSP.


AdView has the most technologically advanced mobile ad exchange and big data calculation platform with the fastest response and highest capacity in China, supporting open screen, banner, interstitial screen, native, video and other main mobile ad forms. AdView is also the first platform to support RTB (real-time bidding) and PMP private deal; it has the most sophisticated mobile advertising user behavior database with domestic coverage of most users, and has become a key hub of China mobile advertising industry.


So far, AdView mobile ad exchange has more than 100000 mobile application publishers, 200000 mobile phone apps and more than 300 advertisement companies. Now, AdView manages over 6 billion ad requests and deals, covering 1 billion mobile phone users, by data digging, the scenario pattern matching and real-time bidding advertising, AdView can pinpoint the target user for advertisers and provide the most preferring advertising for users, and bring the highest advertising revenue for publishers.


AdView has been founded for 5 years; China mobile advertising industry has made a high-speed development, growing from a burgeoning fractionize industry to a mainstream market with more than twenty billion yuan annual turnover. Despite the barbaric growth industry, AdView always stands in the forefront of China mobile advertising and stick to its early pioneering heart, keeping up with the needs of users, rapidly updating products and providing the highest quality mobile advertising exchange products and services for customers. AdView is the pioneer and leader of mobile ad industry in China.

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Add: Chaoyang District Wangjing Fu Tong East Street, No. 1 Wangjing SOHO tower 3, layer 45 , Beijing, China

7*24 Service Hotline:4000-1314-00 / +86 18920113400

Customer Service:[email protected]

Global Business Cooperation Email:[email protected]


India Office

Add: 5th floor , Tower D, Diamond District Frontage Walking Path, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

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Beijing New7 E- commerce Technology Co., Ltd established in August 2013 in Zhongguancun Shijingshan and its predecessor is New7 Technology Co., Ltd established in May 2008. With 9 years professional E-commerce operation experience, New7 serviced dozens of well-known brands both domestics and overseas in area of household appliances, digital products, food, cosmetics and so on.

The New7 has a complete e-commerce ecosystem of new retail, which provides full-chain services from brand strategy, marketing, operations, supply chain management,  IT system development and data management both online&offline.New7 is not only Tmall Household Appliances Category Gold Partner for 7th continuously years but also Tmall Five-star Service Provider . It has comprehensive and complementary categories layout and strong capabilities in supply chain management and technology development. New7 sold the first TV in new retail channel in Nov 11, 2016 and brought the high-end luxury camera brand Leica for Tmall. With deep understanding of the e - commerce and impressive sales performance of the operation brands, New7 has become the leader of e-commerce and trailblazer of e-commerce of new retail.

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Beijing New7 E- commerce Technology Co., Ltd

Add: Ruida Building, No.74 Lugu, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China

Mobile: +86 18511249621(Mr. Tian)

Email: [email protected]

Hangzhou New7 Internet Technology Co., Ltd

Add: Xixi Software Park Cancer Building 3, 2nd Floor, No.148 Wuchang Avenue, Hangzhou, China

Mobile: +86 18920520698(Mr.Liu)

Email: [email protected]

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Smaato is the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Smaato runs the world's largest independent mobile ad exchange and has been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005.

Smaato's SPX is a global, intelligent and free to use self-service platform & ad server that brings native, video and real-time advertising to over 90,000 mobile app developers and publishers. The company's worldwide reach and extensive network of demand partners provides a massive variety of advertisers with one single integration. Smaato manages up to 19 billion ads every day around the world, across over 1 billion mobile users each month.

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San Francisco

240 Stockton St, 10th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108

Tel: +1 (650) 286-1198

Fax: +1 (650) 240-0708

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New York

Empire State Building

350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4210

New York, NY 10118

Tel: +1 (646) 650-5030

Fax: +1 (646) 240-0708

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Valentinskamp 70, Emporio 19th Floor

20355 Hamburg, Germany

Tel: +49 (40) 3480-9490

Fax: +49 (40) 4921-9055

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333 North Bridge Rd. #05-00

Singapore 188721

Tel: +65 6336-6815

Fax: +65 6336-6642

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21 Floor, Cloud Nine Plaza, 1018 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200042, China 

Tel: +86 135-2219-6838

[email protected]

WeChat: Smaato