Fang Hua (Fancy)

In 2001, Fancy Fang entered Huayijingxin (the predecessor of Spearhead IMC Group) and served as Executive Manager of the Sales Promotion and Execution Department. In 2003, she joined Spearhead IMC Group and served successively as the Customer Manager of Sales Promotion and Customer Department, the Supervisor of Human Resource Outsourcing Department, the Assistant to President of President Office, the Supervisor of Human Resource Department, and the Vice Manager of the Company. And currently Fancy Fang is the CHO and Vice President of Spearhead IMC Group.

Fancy has a wealth of integrated marketing business experience and a decade of HR management experience. Familiar with marketing and enterprise development strategy, Fancy Fang is good at developing human resource strategic plans according to company strategy, establishing effective communication channels and incentive mechanisms within the company, giving full play to employees’ enthusiasm and creativity, optimizing internal organization management, allocating and supervising departmental work, making performance appraisal and budget control, and enhancing the publicity and communication of enterprise culture.