Group Awards | Subsidiaries and Associated Brands of Spearhead IMC Group Win Golden Mouse Award


On the evening of May 28, the 8th Golden Mouse International Digital Marketing Festival, known as "Weathervane of Digital Marketing", was held in Beijing. The wholly owned subsidiaries of Spearhead IMC Group, Allyes Group and D&S Media Group, as well as AdView, its joint stock company, have won 12 awards, including 2 company awards which are respectively "Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agency of the Year" (Allyes Group) and "Top 10 Most Influential Digital Marketer of the Year" (AdView); 3 Personnel Awards which are respectively "the Best Digital Marketer of the Year" (Wilson Yao, CEO of Allyes Group and co-president of Spearhead IMC Group, and Jeffery Wu, CDO of D&S Media Group), were honored as "the Best Digital Marketer of the Year", and "Digital Marketing Rising Star of the Year" (Fiona Wang, General Manager of the market department of Allyes Group); One Marketing Platform Award which is the Best Digital Marketing Platform of the Year (Allyes Group and SmartMAX) and six case awards including one golden award, one silver award and three bronze awards.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Allyes Group


Allyes Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spearhead IMC Group, has been awarded "Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency of the Year" for the fifth year in a row. Since its founding 19 years ago, Allyes Group has established an advanced team for network marketing planning and service dedicated to providing customers with a whole-process digital integrated marketing solution based on user contacts. With deep insights into digital subscribers, the precise understanding of digital media and the full application of digital advertising technology, Allyes Group will provide the customers with all-dimensional services including the brand digital marketing, effect marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital interactive platform construction, e-commerce solutions and digital terminal channel solution in the areas of internet and mobile internet.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Technology Company of the Year



AdView, a joint stock company of Spearhead IMC Group is devoted to expand its resource coverage and deepen cooperation between industries, drive mobile marketing by technologies, continuously improve its mobile advertising optimization, vigorously step up research and development of technologies and products, initiate AdView globalization strategy with the purpose to provide the customers with quality, transparent and normative mobile advertising and trading services featured by "a key to globalization", KuaiYou Offers Platform, Huimeng One-Stop Game Service Platform for global customers.

Best Digital Marketing Platform of the Year

Allyes Group



SmartMAX is a cross-media, cross-platform, and cross-terminal advertising platform for advertisers/advertising agency providers, which makes accurate audience-oriented advertising by integration and analysis of data and continuously optimized real-time monitoring. SmartMAX has been connected with domestic and foreign mainstream advertisement exchange platforms, and has a huge amount of high-quality media advertising space. The advertisers of SmartMax service are from the field of automobile, e-commerce and fast moving consumer products, including both brand-oriented advertisers and effect-oriented advertisers.

Golden Award in Digital Media Integration

Allyes Group

Beijing Hyundai Verna Launched “Always be Happy with Myself” Innovative Marketing

During the warm-up period, Allyes held "Happy and Design" and "Happy and Sing" activities to find out the most familiar and favorite elements of the youngsters, and produce advertisements by taking young, fashionable and dazzling backgrounds to attract more participation by users. During the period of listing, the information of the listed models of the model was announced, and the original platform has been combined with the advertising platform for extensive exposure and display. For the marketing of Verna, CTR is 1.93%, CPM is 12.31 yuan, and CPC is 0.64 yuan, and 3080 sales clues have been collected. The marketing target has been successfully completed and well received by the customers.

Silver Award in Mobile Marketing Interaction

Allyes Group

Shenzhen International Marathon Panorama Route Guidance H5 by China Merchants Bank

To combine "running" with brand image and achieve quick publicity, Shenzhen International Marathon H5 was put into operation at Moments of WeChat, which presents a real world on Internet and displays the road maps respectively of full marathon, half-marathon and 6-kilometer marathon in three dimensions and of high definition, which makes the audience feel they are personally on the scene. In less than 24 hours of operation at Moments of WeChat, the H5 has been clicked for 11.45 million times, the video in it has been played for 16.46 million times with the number of good comments up to 14,000 times. 2573 audience begin to focus on the H5 with the viewing times up to 64,595 and 100% viewers have given their praise, achieving high popularity at the Moments of WeChat.

Bronze Award in Sports + Digital Marketing

Allyes Group

Snowflake Beer –Case of Digital Marketing by Taking Potential from 2016 Olympic Games

Allyes Group combines its marketing target with Olympic Games to present brand information, expand brand communication to a great extent, focus on the target consumers and enhance their preference for the brand. The spirit of moving ahead with entering, challenging and innovating as the core is highly compatible with the sportsmanship of Olympics Games and conductive to establish the correlation between the brand and the Olympic Games. At the same time, the sports scenes are fully covered and Youku is taken as the main media to integrate the resources of all channels for deep cooperation. As an auxiliary platform, Tencent selects the most core resources to focus on the users’ attention, and forms a synergy with Youku to fully network the sports competition viewers. The brand has been exposed for 17.8 billion times during the games, exceeding the pre-estimated 41 percent and reaching the national watch users in multiple frequency. The platform has been clicked for 18.32 million times, exceed the pre-estimated 223%, which has brought about explosive growth of the flow on e-commerce platforms and high customer satisfaction as well. 

Bronze Award in the Category of Digital Integration

Allyes Group

Out of Expectation- New Model of SAIC Motor Roewe Launched

Allyes Group makes communications from niche value crowd on internet to mass value crowd using traditional automobile. High-quality targeted potential users have been covered in an all-dimension, all-platform and all-content manner. The factors such as live video of hot event, web celebrity and internet users are utilized to attract users' attention and vigorously promote the marketing of new model and raise product reputation. Rongwei RX5 was the most popular SUV in the market during its launching period with its Baidu index peak reaching 600,000. A total of more than 6,000 original manuscripts were published, with nearly 700 million times of reading. During its launching period, the number of page views with marketing effect of the whole project reached over 21 billion with the total hits exceeding 50 million. At the same time, Allyes Group has completed the effective collection of customer information for RX5 with a total of 148,510 sales clues and completion rate up to 124% from June to September.

Bronze Award in Cross-media Integration

D&S Media Group

Integrated Marketing of Yili Group Research Documentary  on China's Breat Milk

A domestic top production team has been invited to join in and co-produce the documentary of Secret of China's Breast Milk. And the event of unqualified milk bought through cross-border online shopping quickly came into the limelight, optimize video distribution channels based on segmentation of target crowd and make in-depth mining of characters and stories to bring about more interaction between consumers. During the broadcasting period, accumulatively the documentary Secret of China's Breast Milk and its Behind the Scene have been played for 60 million times. The topic heat of Weibo # Secret of China's Breast Milk # has exceeded 50 million times with its Baidu Index being doubled, which has aroused public concern and promoted the research on China’s breast milk as well as the maximized exposure of Yili's PRO-KIDO brand and products.