Group Awards | D&S Media Group Wins Three Awards of 2017 China PR Carnival


On the evening of January 5, the top annual event 2017 China PR Carnival & 2016 Annual Award Ceremony of Digital Marketing Industry, sponsored by the PR Agencies Committee of China International Public Relations Association was successfully concluded in Beijing. D&S Media Group, the subsidiary of Spearhead IMC Group, won three awards of this year.

Annual Award Ceremony of China PR Industry

Speaker of the Year

Bill Shen, Senior Vice President of D&S Media Group


  • Visiting Professor of Communication University of China

  • Senior Researcher of the Police Public Relation Research Center of Chinese People's Public Security University

  • Member of the Consultative Group of Experts for the Beijing Micro-blog Development and Administration

Mr. Shen  has many years of working experience in the fields of PR and marketing at multiple well-known foreign enterprises. He has worked in Nokia for 13 years and been engaged in public relations, crisis management and CSR work, focusing on the research and practice of public relations and marketing via social media in recent years. As a training lecturer of China International Public Relations Association, China Public Relations Network and Sohu Marketing Salon, Mr. Shen has given open lectures and customized training classes for more than 400 well-known enterprises in China and abroad. Mr. Shen Jian got a Master degree of Marketing Administration in UK.

In recent years, the customers Mr. Shen have served are Samsung Electronics, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, Geely Auto, Yutong Group, Coca-Cola, Mars, Intel, L’Oreal, LG, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Communications, Lenovo, Yili, ZTE, Amway, OPPO Mobile Phone, Liby group, Future Land, Landsea Real Estate, etc.

Mr. Shen provides regular training classes for Communication University of China, School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University and the postgraduates of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, covering the practical application of mobile internet and big data in the area of public relations as well as the latest trends of public relations such as crisis management in new media environment.

Mr. Shen has been honorably invited to serve as a public relations consultant for many large enterprises and he is the author of Survival from Waves-Crisis Management and Network Marketing in the Age of Social Media, an enlightening book on enterprise crisis management. He has been a council member of Beijing Association of Network Media; a judge for the Golden Flag Award as the most influential PR case competition, the National College Students PR Cases Competition, and the Annual Forum Brand Case Competition of Economic Observer; and repeatedly a host of New Media Forums of China International PR Conference as well.



Best New Talent of the Year

Zhong Chunxiao Customer Director of the 5th PR Division of D&S Media Group


After graduation in July 2015, Zhong Chunxiao entered the PR department of D&S Media Group, who has been serving the brand customers in the area of internationally reputed electronic products and demonstrated great enthusiasm and interests in PR and IT.

Zhong Chunxiao is capable of handling daily PR affairs in a proper and comfortable manner. Confronted with key projects, she is always enthusiastic, prudent and difficulty-overcoming. Zhong Chunxiao is also proficient at copywriting and the plans and proposals she produces are always full of creative ideas. She is also well capable of handling quotation and budget and the projects she lead and executed are commendable. 

During her service, Zhong Chunxiao have planned and executed the project of launching and communication of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the launch of Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop, and the promotion of Samsung BTS Laptop ( in back-to-school season).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Digital Photography Review planned and executed by Zhong Chunxiao was awarded the Bronze Award of Best Case for Contents IMC of Orient Marketing Award, the Best Innovative Marketing Award 2015 of IFENG, and the Most Innovative Band of Digital Marketing of the 7th Golden Mouse Award.

In her spare time, Zhong Chunxiao accumulates knowledge and experience by reading or taking part in PR trainings, which has facilitated her transformation from an excellent executive to an excellent creator.



Best Team of the Year

The 7th PR Division of D&S Media Group


  • Core members: Jian Hongming, Yang Zhen, Zhang Liming, Yu Yibo, Sun Yuexin, Zhao Jie, Bai Xue, Jia Lipeng, Zhao Mengmeng

  • Service Target: Sinopec Group

  • Project Name: Brand Communication Project of “Exploring Smarter Energy” on the Open Day of Sinopec Group

  • Project Background: Sinopec Group launched the activities of "Open Door to Run Enterprises" in 2013. In the past three years, a total of 62 enterprises under Sinopec Group organized open-day activities for more than 2000 times and received more than 80,000 visitors, producing significant fruits. While it is still difficult to achieve polymerization effect from a unified brand for their unique diversities. Open-day activities have been an important communication platform to change the negative impression on Sinopec by the public who originally thought Sinopec was a monopolized, closed and polluting enterprise. In 2016, Sinopec made a comprehensive brand upgrading of the open-day project.

  • Project Execution: During the six-month execution period, nearly 80 Sinopec open-day events were carried out in 12 units over 9 provinces. On April 22, the World Earth Day, the Brand Upgrading was launched, which invited more than 300 media as well as the celebrities from governments and enterprises. The launch was widely reported at various media, from TV, print advertising, displaying advertising, network, Weibo, WeChat to APPs, with the total release up to 2000 times and population coverage up to 200 million. The theme song Sinopec Open Day is the first "Viral Video" released by a state-owned enterprise in China with its clicks on the launching day exceeding 2 million and ranking the 6th among the hot topics on Weibo, which aroused the netizens' great enthusiasm in producing user generated content (UGC) in their dialects. The communication activities triggered an unprecedented visit boom and greatly raised the event popularity. For the first event season, the number of applicants exceeded 13,758 and the number of participants exceeded 1,575. More than 80 articles were published on WeChat with the number of fans over 40,000, and the amount of article delivery reached 900,000, and the amount of activity interaction exceeded 300,000. The people-oriented image of Sinopec full of intelligence, eco-friendliness, security and vitality has been very well publicized, which greatly enhances the brand's reputation.

  • Awards

  1. 2015-2016 China Outstanding Marketing Award - Outstanding Creation Award (Film and TV)

  2. The 3rd TMA Mobile Marketing Award - Interactive Experience Category - Silver Award

  3. Being reported as a classical case by the industry-leading website


China PR Carnival is the most influential annual event in China's PR industry. It aims to promote good interaction among industry professionals, disseminate the positive energy in term of PR, and show graceful bearing of PR personnel. China PR Carnival has witnessed the quick development of PR industry, and highlighted the passion and glory, wisdom, dreams, value and grace of PR personnel in China as well.