Spearhead Announced Cooperation with CAAC to Jointly Build Industry Funds


Spearhead (stock code: 300071) made an announcement today that China Advertising Association of Commerce (CAAC) and it jointly established a joint venture named "Huashang Cultural Investment & Management Co., Ltd." with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The joint venture was committed to building professional cultural and media industry investment funds, it would make active layout and integration of industrial resources, focus on the investment and mergers and acquisitions of quality target companies, and raise funds as a general partner to get investment income and promote the common development of the industry, CAAC and the company.

The management team of the joint venture would be experts with leading insights and experience in the field of investment, culture and media. Based on the industry's quality resources in creativity, content, technology, media, platform and management, it will improve the professionalism, effectiveness and success rate of investment and mergers and acquisitions, expand the company's advantages in brand creativity, content creation, digital platform technology, media resources and other aspects and reserve and develop strategic business, human resources and industry emerging technology to promote the professional, precise and segmented development of the industry and the company. 


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