Spearhead's Joining Enhanced the Strength of China 4A


On March 3, 2017, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (China 4A) held the membership awarding ceremony, and Spearhead officially became a member of China 4A.This marks that Spearhead has entered the first cluster of China's advertising industry and has become one of the important forces of the industry.


China 4A is a high-end association of Chinese advertising agencies. At present, it has 93 members, almost covering all the large international advertising companies that are run in China as well as the most powerful and largest comprehensive advertising agencies in China. Whether it is from the perspective of output or industry influence, China 4A has fully reflected the highest purpose of the industry, namely "best services, leading innovation, most powerful strength and utmost integrity". SPEARHEAD's joining will also contribute strength to China 4A. 


From L to R: China 4A Executive Vice Chairman Tomaz Mo, China 4A Chairman Jiping Hu, Spearhead Co-President and D&S Chairman Steaph Huang

At the membership awarding ceremony, Spearhead Co-President and D&S Chairman Steaph Huang said that as a global and digital Uni marketing communication group supported by entertainment, fashion and social content and big data marketing, Spearhead had been committed to providing companies with leading value marketing services and sharing the value brought by precision marketing with users in a harmonious and win-win ecosphere. 

It was an affirmation of Spearhead's comprehensive strength by accepting it as a member of China 4A. As a persistent innovator in the media industry, Spearhead had been exploring business and marching forward, showing a different breakthrough trend before the media industry in strategy, creativity and data integration. 

After becoming a member of China 4A, Spearhead, along with other members and industry leading companies, would have significantly increased opportunities of front-end information real-time receiving and directional communication, deepen the integration of multiple ecological resources together, better serve clients, join hands with China 4A to produce new ideas and new impetus, and make contributions to promoting the healthy, benign and orderly development of China's advertising industry.


Spearhead Co-President and D&S Chairman Steaph Huang is speaking on behalf of the new members at the awarding ceremony

In 2016, Spearhead and its subsidiaries won 79 prizes in 26 prestigious awards and competitions, including several significant prizes, for example, Allyes' case Golden-Can Jia Duo Bao Brings You More Brilliant and Authentic Voices of China won the gold award for drinks (including wine) of the 7th Tiger Roar Award, and D&S' case "Great Challenge"-Jetta Challenges the Thousands of Miles of Depopulated Zone in Hoh Xil won the gold award for most influential public relations activities of the 7th Golden Flag Award, etc. 

After successfully listed on the A-share second-board market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010, Spearhrad achieved an annual revenue growth of 43% and a net profit growth of 31% from 2010 to 2015. All business units and departments closely cooperated with each other, establish an effective resource sharing platform, develop competitive marketing solutions, and strengthen internal collaboration while accelerating extensional investment, striving to become a global industry leader.