D&S New President Anne Sun Assumed Office


On December 9, 2016, Spearhead's subsidiary D&S held a reception at China Grill to welcome the new President Anne Sun, the original 360 Vice President, who would concurrently serve as the Vice President of the parent company Spearhead. Anne Sun has years' experience in the management of both parties to a contract, especially in the public relations industry, and she has international visions. In the future, she will be responsible for the daily operation and management of D&S, and will directly report to Spearhead Co-President and D&S Chairman Steaph Huang. Spearhead executives and more than 100 middle and senior management personnel of D&S participated in the event and witnessed this important moment in a relaxed atmosphere.


Spearhead Chairman Polo Liu issued the letter of appointment to Anne Sun

First, Chairman of Spearhead Polo Liu delivered a speech, expressing thanks to D&S founder and "public relations master" Steaph Huang for introducing another excellent talent and industry elite for Spearhead Group and D&S and welcoming Anne Sun on behalf of Spearhead. He said that in the recent three years, Spearhead had been adjusting its layout based on the new strategic positioning of a global and digital Uni marketing communication group supported by fashion, entertainment and social content and big data marketing. He hoped that the joining of the "fresh blood" could further promote the global and digital development of the Group. 

Over the past 20 years, D&S continued to create great value, which was the contribution of the existing excellent team. However, in order to promote D&S to higher-end fields and make it continue to achieve new excellence, it was imperative to introduce new culture, teams and talents. Anne Sun's joining reflected the attractiveness of Spearhead 's future development space under the guidance of clear strategy to top talents in the industry and the emphasis of Spearhead and D&S on senior management and business talents. The Group hoped that more experienced and far-sighted international industry elites could join it and bring innovative ideas to Spearhead to improve both the performance and management level of the Group, and the Group would create greater space for them and tried its best to help them achieve their personal value. 


Spearhead Co-President and D&S Chairman Steaph Huang said that D&S got a new platform after joining Spearhead in 2014, which also strengthened the confidence of the management. The continuous business growth of D&S in recent years benefited from the guidance of the Group's big content and big data strategy and various support as well as the business collaboration between brother companies. However, what's the impetus for sustained growth in the future? We must strengthen management and continue to make innovations. 

D&S was the leader of Spearhead's "big content" strategy as well as a leader in the industry, and it assumed the mission assigned by the Group to attract more talents, expand business scale and make a breakthrough in technology. Anne Sun had rich resources and experience in public relations, financial communication, digital marketing and Internet, and had transboundary thinking and marketing capacity. She was far-sighted in terms of the development trend of the industry, especially in the field of Internet marketing. Steaph hoped that she could get along well with her colleagues, brought more innovative professional management ideas to D&S and Spearhead through  the "big data and big content-based" integrated marketing services and resources platform and global development strategy of Spearhead, and unite with others to  create better performance and promote business collaboration.


D&S new President Anne Sun said that the strategic investment and development layout of Spearhead provided a huge imagination space for the future. She hoped to work together with her colleagues to make more exploration and attempts on the basis of maintaining the excellent traditions of D&S, and create a more dynamic and more efficient working atmosphere to accelerate response and learning and improve working efficiency so as to create greater value for D&S and Spearhead. 



Fancy Fang, Spearhead Vice President and Co-founder, was fully responsible for the Group's human resources management. She said that Spearhead Group had been upholding positive talent development ideas since its foundation, and it continued to introduce excellent talents in the industry, and continued to study and release upgraded versions of talent introduction, incentive and management systems. The Group gave excellent talents enough confidence and development space, so most of the excellent talents introduced into Spearhead were retained and well integrated and continued to create value for the Group and themselves. 

At the same time, in addition to emphasizing active introduction of industry top talents and incentives and support for them, in order to stabilize the core talents of the team of the target company, Spearhead also developed systemized strategies in the process of investment and mergers and acquisitions. It stressed in-depth understanding of the management team and communication with it since the beginning of the assessment of the target company, showed full respect for the talent team, and tried its best to create paths for them to achieve their value and ensure the space for them to convert value into money. After the completion of investment, it established a sound incentive mechanism and security system to provide the greatest possibility for the target company to stabilize the core team, achieve sustained performance growth and integrate personal long-term interests and corporate values after it was integrated into the parent company.

Prior to this, Spearhead Group had announced the stock option incentive plan for hundreds of executives and business, technology and management backbone of the company, and released the MW Program which was an upgraded incentive mechanism, for the Group's internal business collaboration. Recently, it introduced the Core Management EMBA Application Management System to encourage executives to receive further education in business schools with a budget of 10 million yuan, and introduced KPI correspondingly to motivate employees to enhance their self-marketing ability and effectively convert resources into money. All these measures had achieved good results since trial implementation.