Spearhead IMC Group Plans to Establish Movie Joint Venture and Upgrade Industrial Chain Layout


Spearhead IMC Group, a Globalization Digitization AIO Services Group, announced yesterday that it would work with partners with rich resources and experience to establish a movie joint venture. Over the past 14 years, Spearhead IMC Group, which specializes in providing marketing and communication services, will formally enter the content industry of culture and entertainment to engage in content production in the front section of content marketing industry chain. This will continue to improve the Group's capacity of providing content marketing services and the layout of the company's integrated marketing industry chain.

At the noon of September 12, Spearhead IMC Group (300071) announced that it intended to establish a subsidiary with Shanghai Maorong Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership) by investing its own capital of 14 million Yuan. And the joint venture to be established is Shanghai Jiaxin Film Investment Co., Ltd. (only a provisional name, and the official name is subject to the registered name). The registered capital of the joint venture is 20 million Yuan. Spearhead IMC Group holds 70% shares, and Shanghai Maorong holds 30% shares. The investment is made according to the respective share proportion. Wilson YAO, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and CEO of Allyes Group, is the company’s legal representative. Spearhead IMC Group has the right to choose whether or not to acquire the remaining equity of the joint venture held by Shanghai Maorong to wholly own the company when the net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of any full fiscal year reaches 70 million Yuan after the joint venture is set up.

The establishment of Shanghai Jiaxin Film is a significant step to implement the strategy of "Rich contents and Big data" and will become an innovative profit growth point for Spearhead IMC Group.

Shanghai Jiaxin Film will be actively involved in the development, production, communication and publication, and marketing of the contents in culture and entertainment. In addition to obtaining direct benefits from the investment and participation in the production of cultural entertainment products such as radio, movie, television programs and online dramas, Shanghai Jiaxin Film will also conduct in-depth collaboration with the existing business sections of Spearhead IMC Group. Its rich IP content products will become a broader and more controllable content carrier for the marketing business of Spearhead IMC Group. In the meantime, the rich resources and experience that Spearhead IMC Group enjoys in the fields of content marketing, digital marketing and PR communication will also directly promote the realization of the commercial value of content products, including more effective promotion and publicity and better business cooperation between brand enterprises .