Allyes Group Joins Hands with HNA Group to Establish World- leading Virtual Asset Trading Platform


Recently, Spearhead IMC Group’s subsidiary Allyes Group won the bidding for an innovation project of HNA Group —— Entire Development of the First Decentralized Virtual Asset Trading Platform in China.


HNA Group ranked353 in2016 Fortune Global 500 companies. On October 17, 2017, HNA Group announced its comprehensive strategic transformation, integrating the sectors of science and technology, investment, finance, and services, by utilizing both online and offline resources to develop itself into a world-leading comprehensive operator of modern service.

The Decentralized Virtual Asset Trading Platform to be developed by Allyes Group is a first-batch key project after the digital and strategic transformation of HNA Group. Allyes Group has been adhering to data-driven marketing, in which data in different fields and at different levels is interconnected to facilitate innovative marketing and experience optimization in the future. Fully aware of the importance of innovation, the Business Development Department of Allyes Group with years of experience in internet marketing, has properly applied its insights into market, users and big data to all types of specific commercial projects, and realized the all-dimensional integration of product development, marketing, data operation and optimization of users’ experience. The bidding lasted for more than three months, during which the leaders of Allyes Group have attached great importance and given strong support to the project. All the product strategic concept, forward-looking functions and technical solutions produced through team collaborations have won high recognition from the leaders at all levels of HNA Group. Eventually, Allyes Group beat many domestic top-team competitors with the highest overall score, successfully winning the bid.

According to Wilson YAO, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and CEO of Allyes Group, “In the future, Allyes Group will continue to support the global business development of HNA Group, further construct and improve its strategic layout, and assist its partnership to obtain higher business value with its professionalism, expertise, in-depth insights into market and perfect service.”