D&S Joins Hands with the "Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night"


Recently, Steaph Huang, Spearhead Co-President and Chairman of D&S Media Group (D&S), signed a cooperation agreement with Xu Yunzu, General Manager of Beijing LOOKWE International Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (LOOKWE) to start win-win co-operation on the "Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night" project initiated and hosted by LOOKWE.


In the context of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Chinese companies and cities are facing many opportunities and challenges. Making active and full use of the irreplaceable and valuable diplomatic resources is an important way to carry out governmental public relations, expand overseas markets and enhance the international vision and brand influence. The "Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night", which is initiated by LOOKWE and co-sponsored by LOOKWE, the embassies in China of 46 countries from five continents, Beijing International Diplomats Organization, Beijing International Military Officers Organization and other international institutions, has been successfully held in 2015 and 2016. With the full support from the embassies of more than 150 countries in China, it has profound influence in the political and business circles and among the people. It is the highest-level event of public diplomatic resources in China. 


Based on the idea of "cultural priority, co-prosperity between economy and trade", the 2017 "Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night" hopes to promote the "Belt and Road" initiative, carry out international exchanges, spread national culture, and create the most innovative and most influential folk diplomatic ceremony. Rooted in Chinese culture, the event has a global vision and covers a variety of activities aimed at spreading Chinese culture, strengthening economic and trade cooperation at home and abroad and enhancing China's influence in the world, such as "Discover China-China in the Eyes of Diplomats Photo Exhibition", "Discover Cities-Diplomats' Favorite Tourist Cities in China", "China Excellent Brand Exhibition", "Urban Tourism Investment and Development Forum", "A Charming China-Cheongsam Fashion Show from Ambassadresses", etc. 


D&S and its parent company Spearhead Group have thousands of clients, many of whom are companies on the list of Fortune Global 500 or China's top 500. D&S will make use of the high-end platform with ambassadors as delegates to help its clients establish connectivity with ambassadors of different countries and provide a broad platform for win-win cooperation so that Chinese companies can go out smoothly and overseas resources can be introduced successfully.